Posted by: annmucc | April 30, 2010

Conference In France

As I said in one of my last posts, last week I was attending a conference in France, which due to a volcanic eruption we turned into a road trip. The road trip went well (though long), and we also stopped in Reims to check out the cathedral and for some coffee.

Reims Cathedral

The conference lasted from Wednesday to Friday (I have just posted a short review about it on my research blog). Besides the presentations however I was particularly impressed by the food! It was so nicely presented and also good. I also got to try snails during one dinner, and my colleague also let me taste her frog’s legs (they tasted to me like fishy chicken with too many bones). We also had an excellent conference dinner with wine tasting event at the Chateau de Germolles. Wonderful!

All in all a quite good trip. However, by Sunday night all I could think of was getting back home to my own bed and to my own space (though of course with Michael there ;)).

I have taken some videos and I plan to make them into one video at some point…but bear with me please for now!


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