Posted by: annmucc | May 10, 2010

It’s a Small World After All…

The world is definitely small, and appears to get smaller all the time!

Our flight back to London was delayed by 40 minutes, which meant that we had quite a bit of waiting time. Well, when they called the boarding gate we went to the gate, and as we went through I grabbed the first chair while Michael went off in search of one of the few remaining chairs. I expecting him to come back pretty soon. But no! After a while I see him chatting to a couple. Hmm…what’s going on?

Well, the couple were Tina and her husband. Tina is a Danish blogger who mainly blogs in Danish here and rarely blogs in English here. WOW! Michael recognised her as he asked her if he could take the extra chair at their table! I’m impressed by his memory to be honest, but this meant that the time passed by quite quickly while chatting away :).

You can see Tina’s blogpost about the meeting here (Google translate does an OK job of translating it ;)).



  1. LOL Ann – you should have seen my face. Great to meet you both. We looked for you when we got off the plane, but Michael explained that you didn’t hang around, but dashed for your coach – and made it. 🙂

  2. Hehe – I can imagine 🙂
    Yeps – we JUST made it (or actually we missed ours as we were late, but just made the next one).
    See you on the next flight maybe? 😀

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