Posted by: annmucc | May 19, 2010

An Extended Weekend in Malta

Ahh – first full day back in London after an extended weekend in Malta – I must admit it is not that easy to get back to work! But how was Malta?

The last time I was in Malta was over Christmas, so it has been a while. But I must say that things don’t change that much. My time in Malta was just as hectic as it usually is, particularly life at home! My brother and his girlfriend are still in Malta where they moved over Christmas (they leave again at the end of May, when they will pass through London for the bank holiday weekend – weee), which meant that the house was quite crowded with everyone getting over everyone else. However, it has always been like that at home, so it makes it feel just as I expect it to be :D.

The main event of my visit there was of course my cousin’s wedding. I think it was a typical Maltese wedding, but I hope to leave Michael to discuss that and point out every thing which we do weirdly :).

Besides that Michael and I also got to visit Limestone Heritage and the Domus Romana (the last one with my mum). It was my first time to the Limestone Heritage, though I had been meaning to visit for some time. I think it is something which is good to see once, but not sure if I would return again and again as I would with some other of the Maltese sites such as the Hypogeum and the Co-Cathedral. The Domus Romana I had visited when I was younger. It was nice to see the new changes that have been put in place!

The last day we then spent walking from the Fortizza in Sliema to Valletta in an attempt to get some kind of a tan. I had never walked along the coastline like this, but it is definitely something to do on a sunny day with a breeze and some time to kill! Michael also took a dip in the water, but after dipping my toes in I decided that sunbathing on the rocks was more my style!

Besides that time was spent meeting family and playing board games :D. My brother’s girlfriend seems to be an even more avid board game player than us so they have stocked up quite a number of games. The one we seem to like most is definitely Zug um Zug however! Definitely one for your collections ;). Besides that we got to play Ubongo 3D and Tarantella Tango…ahh – I ❤ games :D.


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