Posted by: annmucc | May 23, 2010

Enjoying the Sun

Summer has arrived in London – it has definitely arrived, though it is not known how long it will stick around. But while it was visiting, we definitely had to make the most of it!

Yesterday I already had plans in the morning of going down to Kensington to where I used to live. Sr Cathy, who I had gotten to know quite well told me about a retreat afternoon that was being organised. While in London I have not been actively going to church etc., but I thought this would be a good way to see Cathy again, while getting something more out of the meeting.

The retreat was concerning Pentecost (which is celebrated today). I haven’t been to many retreats (can’t think if I have been to even one actually), but I really liked this. There wasn’t too much planned – it was just enough to give us things to think about and talk about. At the same time we also had time to chat and talk over lunch and tea, as well as relaxing with time alone. I really appreciated the group and the event, even though I was more looking forward to meeting Cathy than the retreat originally! (The fact that we spent practically all the time in the garden enjoying the colours out there while enjoying the sun definitely didn’t help!).

I was back home around 6pm, where after dinner (pizza which Michael cooked – mmm :P), we went off for a short bike ride in the area. I have just got a new (used) bike which Michael has also looked at and mended a bit. This was the first time out with it after the fix-up, and it has definitely made the bike better! Weeeee :D. Good to be out!

Today was another gorgeous day. This weekend was another of the Walk London weekend walks (read here and here), as we sprung into Summer. We  joined for another of the Capital Ring walks – section 12 from Highgate to Stoke Newington. The walk is described as one of the greenest, and that definitely was true! Most of the way was walking in parks, or along the Parkland Walk, a local nature reserve. Unlike the first time we joined these walks on another part of the Capital Ring, the guide we had was more intent on walking, and didn’t explain things along the way. Nevertheless, it was still great to be out in the sun (much of the way was luckily in the shade!) while enjoying a (significantly) brisk walk and meeting new people.

Walking Along the Parkland Walk

Ahh – a weekend which went by so quickly. It was good to spend the weekend in London – the good weather was definitely a bonus! Hoping that the weather stays like this for longer 🙂



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