Posted by: annmucc | May 24, 2010

Making Hay while the Sun Shines!

It seems like the good weather that has been gracing London over the past few days will be coming to an end in the next few days (probably tomorrow :P). In the last year I have started appreciating the sunny days much more than I used to. Sunny days in summer have been the norm to me when in Malta, but in London that definitely is not the case. So Michael and I decided to make the most of the good weather while it lasted!

Making Hay

First off Michael rode in to central London to university, where we met up for a quick lunch in a garden close by before I returned back to the office and he cycled back home. Then, in the evening, we cooked at home and proceeded to take the food to Gladstone park close by. There we could enjoy the lunch in the shade with a lovely breeze passing by, after which we lay there and read a bit.

I am currently reading Bill Bryson‘s Notes from a Small Island. As you can see in my ‘Books to Read‘ I have been meaning to get round to it. Last week I realised that our flat mate has it so I smiled my way through borrowing it for a while – woohoo! What I am even more looking forward to though is seeing Bill Bryson speak at the Cheltenham Science Festival about a new book he has edited. I hope that it will be processed in time at the university library so I can get to read it before the event!

Anyways, after a walk around the park we are now relaxing at home – looking forward to more nice days – whenever they may come!


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