Posted by: annmucc | May 27, 2010


In my late teens (and still ongoing!), while still back in Malta, I was always looking for opportunities to take me abroad as much as possible to enjoy my time while also getting something out of the experience. This means that, as I have attended a number of international and European courses, workshops and seminars abroad, I have quite a wide network of people who I have met for a week but not again (besides e-mail/online contact). However, particularly now that I am in London, it has become much easier as people regularly pass through here.

Earl this week I received a message from a guy called Dave Blayney. We had met in Romania on an Easter Course, organised by the European Fellowship. The Easter Course is a European leadership camp held once a year – obviously during Easter. Dave was there as part of the Boy’s Brigade group, while I attended through ZAK, a Maltese youth group. He was going to be in London for a meeting on Wednesday – did I want to meet?

Sure! Wednesday I had a course at the British Museum, while he had a meeting in Holborn. Perfect! We were in walking distance of each other. We decided to meet outside the british Museum when my course finished. Amazingly, as i was walking down the stairs, he was walking in through the gates! We had both envisaged a waste of time looking for each other – but that was terribly easy!

It was great to meet up with him over coffee. We updated each other on what has been going on with us, about others of the Easter Course we have been in contact with, as well as remembering our time in Romania. It’s always nice to re-meet people from your ‘past’ and to be able to talk and reminisce.

I look forward to him being back in London for another meeting :D.


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