Posted by: annmucc | May 29, 2010

Flying with the Lost Boys at the Barbican

Yesterday Michael and I went to the Barbican to watch the National Theatre of Scotland in their production of Peter Pan. (yes – another one of those FreeB’s). I was quite tired yesterday (a glass of wine over dinner DEFINITELY did not help!) but hey – we had the tickets so in we went.

I must say that I was impressed – the production definitely exceeded the expectations I entered with. I loved the flying around – it looked quite natural. However my favourite thing was definitely the – slightly evil – Tinkerbell. She was represented as a flame which flew around the stage with very good control, and which was held by people – who didn’t seem to be hurt! I have no idea how it was done (maybe by being suspended from a wire from the ceiling which moved around, but was steady enough not to cause any oscillations?), but it kept me wondering and enthralled.

Definitely one of the better performances we’ve watched. Maybe some of the pronunciation in the songs could have been better (or where they singing in Scottish on an invented language – I wasn’t too sure to be honest!). But otherwise I really liked it – particularly when the wine wore off ;).

Watch the trailer and an interview with the director below :).



  1. […] They finally opened to the public yesterday, and as we were going to go to the Barbican anyways for Peter Pan we decided to meet there earlier to peek in to the galleries and have our first view of the new […]

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