Posted by: annmucc | May 30, 2010

Stephen and Michele Visit: Day 2

Back home after another day around town. We started off by getting to Camden Market. We went around a bit, but since they don’t have any space where to put anything more (remember – they are moving countries!) it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. At least we got to see the locks being opened and closed for two boats to pass – weeeee.

From there the plan was to walk to King’s Cross along the canal. Unfortunately, some way down the canal the path was closed, so we had to get back onto the road and walk the rest of the way along ugly walls rather than nice water. Oh well. By this time we were ready for a rest so stopped by the O’Neill‘s pub for a drink/dessert. After the rest, as we were close to King’s Cross (and as we had a Harry Potter fan with us) we couldn’t not go into the station to find platform 9 3/4. Weee – mission success (after asking one of the Rail people around). Michele got her shot and off we went.

Next planned stop was St Paul’s Cathedral for Evensong. I think going to an evensong service is a nice way of visiting a church, and seeing this part of the English culture. This time round I was particularly impressed with the sermon. THe sermoner(?) explained the Trinity as a musical chord. I had never heard it explained like that. What I liked even more was that he had organised with the organist for his explanation to be enhanced by him playing the relevant notes – I don’t think I have ever seen any coordination by the sermoner with anyone before, or at least not to such an extent. I liked it!

By now we were getting hungry so in we popped to Pizza Express for some pizza (I still had a voucher I had printed for last Friday, so all was good ;)). The plan was then to go to the Museum of London as they were planning to show the film The Long Good Friday in collaboration with Londonist. Unfortunately that film didn’t work so we got Whitnail and I. Let’s just say the film wasn’t exactly to our likening, so we left half-way through the film. We are now back home and will probably watch a film here – weeeee.



  1. NO FAIR…you never took me to see platform 9 3/4…and I came to visit you more time (sulk sulk grump grump hmpff)

  2. You never told me you wanted to go see it: issa next time 😛

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