Posted by: annmucc | May 31, 2010

Stephen and Michele Visit: Day 3

Today was the third and last day of Stephen and Michele’s visit. They leave tomorrow morning (very very early morning…before the tubes start running so have to take the bus part of the way to the airport – AAAA).

Well, as the last day of their holiday we didn’t get up to much. They decided to take the day easy so we stayed home playing board games and relaxing, while watching some tv and reading. We went out for a late lunch. We were planning to go to our favourite Spice 6. Unfortunately it was closed, as was Golden Bengal, a restaurant in the area we wanted to try. We ended up at the Anatolian Flame, another restaurant in the area we have been before and liked. More relaxed time eating at the restaurant, after which we walked up to Gladstone park, had a walk around and returned home.

Now the other two are rearranging their luggage as the weight limits of the two airlines for handluggage and checked luggage are different so they need everything to be rearranged. After that more relaxation before hopefully an early night so we can be awake to see them off.

Wish me luck for this disturbed night!


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