Posted by: annmucc | June 9, 2010

Carmen in Trafalgar Square

Since 2000 the Royal Opera House has been showing live performances of a number of their shows each summer on big screens in locations around the UK. Last year I didn’t get round to attending any of them due to laziness. But this year I didn’t let that stop me! So yesterday saw Michael and I, together with Manal, a colleague, making our way to Trafalgar Square for the first performance: Carmen.

Michael got there first and laid down the blankets for our ‘picnic spot’, so when Manal and I arrived with the food we could sit down and relax. First up was a sing-along of Carmen’s Toreador led by Gareth Malone.The song was sung at all the 14 locations where the opera was being broadcast for a ‘big operatic choir’ experience.

The opera then started at 7pm. It was my second opera, after a modern take on opera in Denmark (which I didn’t really get considering that it was in Italian, with Danish translations, and with everyone dressed in black!). This was definitely a much more exciting experience, particularly due to the number of known songs in the opera.

Definitely an experience to remember! A good night under the skies with a warm breeze making the environment pleasant. And I must say I really liked Carmen 🙂


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