Posted by: annmucc | June 17, 2010

Italian Renaissance Drawing: A Documentary

Today I had a meeting at The National Archives to discuss some aspects of my PhD. However, before making my way there, I sneaked away a bit early to go to the British Museum.

On my brother and his girlfriend’s first day in London when they visited in June we had gone to the British Museum. There I had picked up a leaflet with a list of events. After going through it I had highlighted a number which interested me and marked them down on my calendar.

One of the events I had marked was Italian Renaissance Drawings, a British Museum documentary. As the time of the showing today coincided very well with the time of my meeting I decided to drop in and watch it.

To be honest I had missed the ‘drawings’ part of the title, and assumed it would be about Italian Renaissance art. This is a period of art which I really like, but I had never thought much about the drawings. It was an unexpected look at how artists planned their big works with these drawings…something I haven’t really thought about all that much.

It was definitely a productive way of filling in 45 minutes which would have otherwise been probably wasted online, or trying to think of how I could fill the time. I couldn’t find a copy of the documentary, but found a promotional trailer for the current exhibition at the British Museum on the same topic. I will be going to see it later on this year, but if you do go do let me know what you think of it!



  1. That’s interesting! We actually had a lecture on rennaisance drawings yesterday! And I, too, ended up thinking about how I’ve never really thought of the drawings before. What’s really cool is how art historians are able to tell artists by their style (not only drawing style I guess), it’s all really quite intriguing. Was the little bit of Italian fine by the way?

  2. There’s an exhibition going on at the British Museum about Italian Renaissance drawings. Really looking forward to it now as I have never really thought about it!
    I hope to someday follow some art history course. After my PhD though 😛
    Yeps. Italian went well 🙂 They seemed quite appreciative of my effort. WEEEE!

  3. Art history is cool! At the moment our core course is focused round the Florentine Renaissance and if the course was mostly focused on the art rather than some random politics and writings I’d be much happier. All classes which were led by art historians were superb!

  4. Uhh – I’m jealous Jealous JEALOUS!

    Good luck for your studeis 🙂

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