Posted by: annmucc | June 20, 2010

A one, a two…A one-two-three-four

Eight decades of British big band music

Yesterday, together with Naomi, a colleague, I attended Big Band Brittania at the Barbican (Michael abandoned me for the Danish world cup game). As evident from the quote above, the concert took us through the years, bringing to the fore the best of British big band jazz. Led by Guy Barker, the big band consisted of a specially assembled band for the occasion. The band was itself then joined by soloist for individual pieces.

The soloist seemed to be amongst the best of British jazz along the ages, with mentions of individuals playing on the opening night of a big club in 1948! Hearing this, I often worried that some of them might die on stage from the exertion…and considering all the names being mentioned of people from their time who died in the last five years, I don’t think that I was too far off! Alas, none of that happened.

My knowledge of jazz is pretty close to non-existent, but I still really enjoyed the evening. The band players seemed to be enjoying themselves to an extent I would never dream of seeing a classical player enjoying themselves during an orchestral concert. With feet tapping, and big smiles on their faces, I couldn’t not enjoy it.

Thanks freeb for yet another memorable evening!



  1. […] was keen on going to see some jazz (though we never made it). Then last time I got tickets to a jazz event at the Barbican, Michael opted out so I took a colleague. This time though, we were finally going […]

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