Posted by: annmucc | June 20, 2010


“Meet Alex. He’s charming, funny, effortlessly cool, and most importantly, irresistible to women.” That is what an e-mail told me to do. So I did. I met Alex.

Alex was the main character in the French film L’Arnacoeur, or Heartbreaker. We got tickets to go see it this morning. So after a late English breakfast (I still felt full from it more than 6 hours later!) we made our way east to Camden.

The film is about Alex, who is a professional heartbreaker. He says that there are 3 types of women in relationships:

  • happy women
  • unhappy women who know it
  • unhappy women who don’t realise it.

It is the third type of woman that he deals with, trying to show them that they don’t really love the person they are going to get married to.

I won’t spoil more of the film for you. But what did I think of the film? Cheesy…but cute! Not something I would die to watch, but for a relaxed night with some light-hearted fun, definitely one to consider.


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