Posted by: annmucc | June 23, 2010

Bon Jovi…Surreal!

On Monday I got tickets for Bon Jovi at the O2 arena…so yesterday saw me attending my first major concert!

Michael and I had planned to meet up with another couple before the concert, but as we arrived early we picked up the tickets for all of us before making our way for some dinner. I had met the guy as I had ‘freecycled‘ some things to him before moving to our current place.

We had said we should meet up again when our respective halfs finally arrived in the UK, but that never happened…till yesterday! They got tickets the same way as we did, and as he saw my status about it, he contacted me to finally get together and meet. It was great to meet up and do something with other people. So thanks Adil and Paridhi!

But what about the concert? It was great…it felt good. There was quite good energy in the arena, with everyone singing (shouting?…screaming?!?) along to the songs, waving hands and oohing in the right places. We had quite good seats too, on the lower tier to the side and front of the stage. I was impressed!

However, it couldn’t but feel a bit surreal. Why? Well, quoting Neil McCormick from The Telegraph:

At times, I feel like an atheist at a religious revival

I felt in awe of all these people who had paid loads of money to go see this band perform, and who got so excited about whatever was being sung/said/moved to.

I must admit that I probably only knew the words to around 5-10% of the songs being sung. But I couldn’t help but join in when I could with energy and gusto…maybe that explains why my voice is not all there?

I will tell you one thing though…if you do have spare tickets for anything…please do let me know 😉


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