Posted by: annmucc | June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

I’m surprised! I have been writing in this blog for two years today. Time really has flown by.

My feelings about blogs has changed significantly, from being very apprehensive about them before I started this one, to now having two blogs, and also having written on a UCL blog.

So thank you blogging world for accepting me. And I look forward to many years to come.



  1. Happy blog-birthday! I’m impressed by your stamina to keep the blog going. As you know (and complain about :P) I tend to take some breaks from blogging but you’ve been very good at keeping the steam up. Well done – and cheers to the next two years of blogging.

  2. Thanks Michael πŸ™‚ Thank’s for your nice comment! But yes…more blog posts from you would be highly appreciated πŸ˜›
    To two more years of blogging!

  3. Happy bday bloggy!…lets get more blogs from you…My blog has barely got a 1 month birthday 😦 hehe

  4. Hehe – ideally you’ll get more posts not more blogs πŸ˜› Two is more than enough to manage.
    Take care of your baby blog πŸ˜›

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