Posted by: annmucc | June 27, 2010

Warming up in London

Things are definitely warming up in London! The temperature has been rising and rising over the last few days, and in fact today should be the hottest day so far in London this year. This however also meant gorgeous weather for the weekend, and I have been enjoying it (or sweltering in it would be more accurate!) as much as I can. As you can see in this photo from mseckington, other people felt the heat too!

As I have already written on Friday I enjoyed Kew Gardens with the rest of the research group. Then yesterday Susan, a friend of Michael’s, visited us for the day as she was transiting through London. So what did we do?

With the gorgeous weather we couldn’t not make our regular ‘visitor walk’ along the canal to Camden Market. Walking along the canal is always beautiful, but in the hot weather it was even more appreciated due to the breeze going along the canal.

In Camden we grabbed a bite and walked around before making our way down to the Southbank, another of our typical haunts when we have visitors. There however the aim wasn’t to observe the views, but the Royal Society summer exhibition. I had attended last year so wanted to return this year, and this was a good way of combining the exhibition with the Southbank.

Now today? A very relaxed day from now on. Susan has moved on as planned, and Michael is also off for the week (will let him tell you about it when he blogs about it). The only plan is to watch the England-Germany game. Wish me luck watching it with our flat mate 🙂



  1. […] Excellent weather (maybe too hot?) was abundant in the first half of summer. We had blue skies, bright suns, and (sometimes) nice breezes. However, now that we are moving into […]

  2. […] The Royal Society “is a fellowship of 1400 outstanding individuals who represent all areas of science, engineering and medicine and who form a global scientific network of the highest calibre”. They are this year celebrating their 350th anniversary, so quite a lot of events are going on, amongst them an exhibition on their history, and a bigger summer science exhibition than previous years (see my experience of visiting the exhibition last year and a brief mention this year). […]

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