Posted by: annmucc | July 3, 2010

Enjoying Alone Time

This week Michael has been away from London on work (and a bit of holiday). Normally if anything interesting comes up, as Michael works from home, I try to keep that in mind as much as possible and go along. However, this week I could just veg out and indulge in guilty pleasures Michael normally rolls his eyes at.

I had one meeting this week, on Tuesday with the UCL Communications team to discuss about our experience at the Cheltenham Science Festival. We had a good time at a close-by pub, talking about our experience (and much more!), getting some drinks and some nachos. I don’t do that enough here I think, and the fact that I knew that Michael wasn’t at home waiting for me meant I could just relax and stay there for quite a bit :).

Other than that? Besides going to university as usual, I wasn’t very productive I must admit. I enjoyed catching up on what I call ‘crap tv’ which Michael normally puts his foot down at watching if he cans :). It’s been good just having a week of relaxing and having some time to myself. However, can’t wait for Michael to come back! Being alone for too long is not that enticing!



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