Posted by: annmucc | July 4, 2010

Great End to a Lazy Week

With Michael away, I have had a quite lazy week. However, this didn’t mean that the week had to end in the same way.

When Michael had first planned to be away, I had e-mailed my friend Lara to go and visit her in Kent. Unfortunately she was spending the week  visiting her family, and was only flying back to the UK today. The plan was to meet up in London between her bus from the airport and her train back home.

We meet up at Victoria station and we went off to look for somewhere to sit. We decided on a coffee place and we walked to Cardinal Place to look for one. We came across Costa, went in and got…no not a coffee!…an ice-tea each. We sat down and easily nattered away for over an hour. It’s always good to have a good chat in a relaxed environment.

Too soon she had to be off however to get home and get ready for work tomorrow after a week off work…never a pleasant thing. We waited a while for her train platform to be up (while catching up on more things ;)) before sadly saying goodbye.

It was then off back home. I prepared some food before settling down in front of the tv. It wasn’t long before my brother came online and we did a skype call for him to explain to me some maths functions problem I’ve been having, and also to have a chat with him and mum.

A great end to a great week. The only thing missing however…of course…is Michael! Only one day left :).


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