Posted by: annmucc | July 11, 2010

A Weekend in Denmark

This weekend in Denmark was primarily planned for Uncle Carl Alfred’s birthday party. However this does not mean that the party was the only thing we did!

We arrived in Denmark on Thursday morning. Having had an early morning the day was spent mainly relaxing at home, save for a bike ride round the pretty countryside around Toftlund. Things only got more hectic from here though!

On Friday we made plans to return Jan and Kirsti’s visit to London last December (it seems like I hadn’t written about it!). Jan lives in Sønderborg on the island of Als, where he works as a judge apprentice (?). As we were meeting for coffee we decided to make a day trip out of it and visit some other places there.

First up on our trip was a stop outside Dybbøl molle. We didn’t enter the museum, but just walked a bit around as out main target was even further on: Danfoss Univers, a science park on the island. I wish we had something like that on Malta, to help enthuse Maltese children about science. I wrote about it on my other blog, which you can find here.

The science park quickly took up most of our time before plans to meet Jan and Kirsti. So after getting enough science we took the car again to Sønderborg. As Jan and Kirsti told us, it was a good day to visit the town because there was an annual festival: ring rider fest. Around 450 riders galloped towards a suspended ring which they try to catch on their lance. Apparently the winner was the one who managed a 5mm ring! Following the contest we walked a bit around town before returning home for a delicious bbq.

Saturday was then the day of the party. But we couldn’t just spend the day waiting for that. So in the morning we went to Gram where we visited a natural history museum and clay pit where we could dig to our hearts content for shells (read about it here). We also stopped at Gram slot for a short walk around the grounds, before returning home for a short rest to be all revived for the night to come.

It was a long night so today morning was a nice and easy time with a good lie-in. We couldn’t laze away the whole day though as it was Michael’s grandmother’s birthday and we were invited to tea at her house. Another massive amount of food was again offered (I feel positively bloated after these few days here), but it was good to meet his father’s side of the family, some of which I had never met (and there are still more to meet!).

Now dinner is being cooked and then we’re on our way…back to London and back to work. Good to have a short break though. Cannot wait for our next visit!


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