Posted by: annmucc | July 14, 2010

Artistic Travelling

Art on the Underground are a branch of Transport for London who’s mission is to

Provide a world-class programme of contemporary art that enriches the Tube environment and our customers’ journey experience; and continues the long-standing tradition that excellent art and design is at the core of London Underground’s identity and services.

For those of you who live in London they are the people who are responsible for the artistic tube map covers.

On the launching of the  twelfth such cover they ran a competition to find the favourite tube map cover as yet. My favourite definitely had to be the Paul Noble cover, Troubadour Carrying a Cytiole. (What’s a cytiole? This should be more than sufficient to get you started!) Reason I like it?

It always amazes me what people try to carry on the London underground. As one of the most practical transport options in London, it seems like anything goes. This image always puts me in mind of all these people and the problems encountered when carrying bulky objects on the tube: a sort of memorial to them.

Well…guess what? I was one of twelve randomly selected winners of the competition. For my efforts I will receive a numbered limited edition print showing all twelve tube map covers. Hmm…but where will I hang it?



  1. they should have put a picture of me and Christa carrying six pieces of luggage during rush hour 🙂

  2. WEEEEEEEEe congrats sis 😀

  3. @ Marilyn: I’m not a good enough artist I’m afraid to propose that 😛

    @ Cec: 😛

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