Posted by: annmucc | July 15, 2010

Dying and Recycling

It seems like most of my electrical appliances are dying off one by one. Is it an epidemic?

First off it was my phone. Admittedly…this was not the fault of the phone! Definitely not! After sending it swimming twice, first in December, which it survived, and then again in April, it decided to stop working. (Don’t blame it do you?)

Now it’s my laptop! It has started giving me errors that it is not recognising my power supply, which apparently is a problem with the motherboard. It would not be a big problem, as it can still work on the power supply, but it takes around an hour just to switch on and open one single thing! Not very practical now is it?

How am I dealing it? Well, I am accepting casts-off from Michael :D. Michael had been planning on updating his phone, so he bought a new one and passed on his old one. As regards the laptop, a client was giving him a mac (the very same one I am writing this on ;)) so now as he has two I can borrow one :).

Very handy huh? And thanks of so kind one :D.

Just what I need!


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