Posted by: annmucc | July 18, 2010

Lunching Big and Cycle Doctors

Every year, one day in July, something called ‘The Big Lunch‘ is organised. This is an opportunity for neighbours and communities to get together and organise a get-together, from “a simple lunch to a full-blown street party with DJs and a home cooked feast.” Unfortunately there wasn’t one in our area, but Cycletastic, the bike fixing organisation Michael is involved with, and which I have helped out with before, were again fixing bikes in an event called Dr Bike at the “Brent Eleven StreetsBig Lunch.

As last time my job was to ensure that the queue of people got their bikes fixed in an orderly fashion. People called me ‘lady with the clipboard’ as I got people to sign up on the maintenance list when they arrived, then made sure that the bike fixers knew who they had to deal with, according to who was next on the sign up list. Knowing what to do from last time and being immediately in charge of this meant that I felt much more in control today and at ease.

Did all go smoothly though? Not exactly! There was a new volunteer there today who got a bit under my skin at times. I don’t know what his problem was, but he had a bit of a habit of ordering me around (Go get me food; move out of my way; why are you doing that?) all in a superior voice. Could it be cause I am female? Oh well. As Michael would agree, I have already complained about this quite a bit by now, so I will stop here :).

I spent most of my time in the bike fixing area, but I did get some time to go see the Big Lunch area. The food was really delicious (even my spiced pear and banana bread was eaten!). My favourite was probably an onion tortilla sort of thing, a baked cheesecake (delicious!) and a minced meat and egg pie sort of thing. I of course didn’t taste everything so if I didn’t mention your food don’t be offended please!

Now I am quite exhausted after a very hectic afternoon. It was a good weekend though: A good balance of relaxation and exhaustion.


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