Posted by: annmucc | July 25, 2010

An Inauspicious Start to the Day

After yesterday‘s busy and thoroughly enjoyable today, today has been slightly more…low-key.

Having arrived home exhausted after all the travelling and walking, we had a late morning. On top of that, we had nothing to have for breakfast at home as we couldn’t go shopping on Saturday and we hadn’t planned in advance for the trip, so we went out for a late breakfast.

Breakfast choice fell on the Nest, a cafe just outside Willesden Green tube station. It was full inside, so we took a table outside, which with a breeze passing was quite pleasant. I ordered a scone and a hot chocolate, and Michael ordered a croissant and a coffee, and we settled down to reading the newspaper we had just bought.

The drinks and food came. All was good, except one thing: it seems like they heated the scone on the plate they presented it in, as the scone was stuck to the paper napkin it was placed on. I had to peel this off, which I started doing in front of the waitress and she barely blinked and eyelid and moved away.

This is where things started going even more downhill. A group of drunk young men passed by us, while a couple with a little girl passed them by in the other direction. It seems like the most drunk guy did not see the girl and must have either hit her slightly or something. Soon the dad shouted at the guys to pay attention of the girl (who seemed quite unconcerned and just kept on walking). The boys turned and apologised to the girl (though in their drunk state I am not sure I could have accepted that apology with a straight face if it was to me). The dad seems to be raring for a fight though, took off his watch and proceeded to go punch the drunk guy.

This was just next to our table! They weren’t the best fighters I must admit, the dad because he was small, and the drunk guy cos he was drunk (and wasn’t taking it too seriously). I was quite concerned though. Luckily people tried to separate them and they moved off to continue trying to get at each other further down the road. Michael? He just nonchalantly kept on drinking his coffee and reading his newspaper! He barely batted an eyelid even if at times they were at arms length from us. I guess it is different ways of reacting to drunk people and fighting!

From there it was on to the supermarket to buy supplies, and back home were it is turning out to be quite a lazy day, washing clothes, and having watched Runaway Vacation, and then Oliver, while eating Michael’s delicious lasgana…MMMM!

Not the most productive. But hey! We all need a break every so often 😉

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