Posted by: annmucc | July 29, 2010

Seeing Rod Stewart

Earlier this year we went to see Bon Jovi at the O2 arena. I enjoyed the experience, so when I received another e-mail from showfilmfirst to go see Rod Stewart I immediately grabbed the opportunity – even though I was suffering a splitting headache which only abated as Michael brought me some Panadol extra!

I got the tickets around 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, so after work I went directly to the O2 arena to pick up the tickets. Michael soon arrived and we went in to hunt some food down.

Our choice fell on Nandos. We have been saying we should go but never got round to it. We got a whole chicken with ratatouille and garlic bread to share. It was delicious…though do only order it if you both are hungry!

On to the concert…

The seats we got this time was on the top tier. This meant that we got a worse view than last time, seeing Rod Stewart as a quite tiny dot. Also, it meant that the people around us had paid less to get in, and were thus probably not as big fans as the ones around us at the last concert.

As last time, I didn’t know most of the songs…I probably knew even less this time! I still enjoyed it, and luckily the panadol extra did its work till just a bit before the end. An unexpected enjoyable night. Any more tickets? We’ll take them!


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