Posted by: annmucc | July 30, 2010

Dentist at Work

As might be expected, going to the dentist in the UK (as in Malta) is not the cheapest. Even if you do it on the NHS, you still have to pay here. So when a tooth started niggling me last year I thought I’d try and find somewhere to treat it which wouldn’t break the bank.

While trawling the internet I came across Guy’s Hospital Dental Service. Guy’s hospital has an associated dental school with King’s College. The dentistry students of course need to get practice. Thus, here you can get free dental work for them to have patients. It is true that they students are not that experience, and will take longer than experience dentists, but they are also monitored during their sessions by very experienced dentists.

I thought I’d take the risk and go along.

Today I came back from my last appointment there, having had all my problems treated. It has taken longer that it would otherwise have, but in the meantime I have given a student some practice, and also got the work done for free! I felt that my student was very professional, consulting me about what will be happening, discussing with me what is going on (I asked for this, so if you’re scared don’t worry ;)), and in general doing a very good job.  So thanks Qamar Hussain! And if you need any dental work done and have the time, do try them out!


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