Posted by: annmucc | August 7, 2010

A Saturday Afternoon…at the Library!

Up to now I have been using the main library of Willesden Green. When I moved into the area that was the first one I got to know about so I obviously signed up with it (I cannot live without books and cannot afford to buy enough, so signing up to a library is the best way to deal with the problem!).

Earlier this week Michael and I went for a walk in the area and came across another library which is even closer to our house which we haven’t come across before: Cricklewood Library. It was closed that day as it was late, but today we decided to pop in to check it out.

It is quite small compared to the other library. However, I liked the selection of books they have. I was also impressed that there were people there actually reading newspapers, reading books, using the computers. It felt a bit more alive than other libraries.

Looking forward to starting to make use of it! And best of all? I can return books form one library to another with no problem whatsoever. That’s great!



  1. […] weekend hasn’t just been about films though (and libraries!). More about that later though […]

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