Posted by: annmucc | August 7, 2010

As You Like It!

On Thursday, following a day of courses and exhibitions (read about them on my research blog) it was the turn of some theatre.

The day before Adil, the guy we had gone with to the Bon Jovi concert, let us know of tickets to the play As You Like It at the Old Vic Theatre. It is part of a double bill (the other play is The Tempest), which are directed by Academy-Award winning director Sam Mendes, and had been eyeing it earlier, so we were definitely up for it!

We met before the show to pick up tickets and then make our way to dinner. Choice had fallen on Marie’s Cafe, a small cafe close to the theatre which sells Thai food. Now I am definitely not the world’s greatest lover of Thai food. But seeing as Adil had suggested it and Michael likes it and I normally veto it, I decided that for once I’ll go along with it. The food was good, or as good as Thai food can taste for me I guess!

On to the show!

This was the first Shakespeare play I have seen in English (I have seen a couple in Maltese). I was excited! We went in, found our (very good) seats and waited.

I liked the play…or at least what I heard of it. Unfortunately after a very busy day I was VERY tired, so the dim lights didn’t help me much. That was an unfortunate side effect though. Also, as always happens, I find it hard to keep track of who’s who in any film/play/whatever show unless they have some VERY distinctive differences.

Other than that I liked the delivery, and the way that even though it was Shakespearean English it was understandable. Would I go again? Definitely! Would I go if I’m tired? Maybe not ;).



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