Posted by: annmucc | August 8, 2010

Film Watching

As people who know me are undoubtedly aware of, I am not the best film-watcher. I have problems following plots, keeping track of who the different people are, and worse of all I have problems in recognising who the men in films are.

This weekend however I have watched two…Yes two!…films.

First off was The Sentinel yesterday night. Michael saw the film advertised and wanted to watch it. For some reason he thought that it wasn’t my kind of film. I was surprised, as from the description it totally was my kind of film! It is about an assassination plot on the life of the American president, and a plot to frame a secret service agent played by Michael Douglas.

Then, this morning, I saw the film Valkyrie was on. I had read a book about this plot to overthrow Adolf Hitler during WWII, and it had really caught my attention. Michael said he had already seen the film…with me!?! As with most films, I couldn’t remember seeing it, though some scenes did look quite familiar :P. Even if it was the second time I watched it, I still liked it! I am sure though that having read the book (and maybe even seen the film?) was a plus for me! It meant I could more easily follow the film :).

This weekend hasn’t just been about films though (and libraries!). More about that later though ;).



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