Posted by: annmucc | August 9, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

In an earlier post I said that there was more to the weekend than I have already written about. One of the things has been food! (the title of the post is inspired by the song of the same name in Oliver, which I watched in the last weeks)

At the supermarket on Friday evening Michael and I came across whole chickens on offer. We had seen them earlier in the week and discussed buying one, but realised we won’t have an opportunity during the week. But on Friday we knew we had time on Saturday! So one whole chicken was bought :).

We covered the chicken in a herby/spicy mixture and palced it in the oven to roast (using one of Michael’s Christmas presents from his parents: a meat thermometer :)). Together with the chicken we also prepared some roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables. Yum!

Especially for our first try the chicken was totally scrumptious! We also saw a video online on how to carve the chicken, and I think Michael did an excellent job with that!

We did not manage to eat the whole chicken (unfortunately?) yesterday. What to do with leftovers? We put them in the fridge ready for Sunday. So while Michael was calling his sister I made some fajitas with some courgette, peppers and onion and the leftover chicken torn into pieces. Another great meal!


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