Posted by: annmucc | August 14, 2010

Administrative Filling

A thing I regularly do is check the news on the UK yahoo homepage. I do it as there are often useful news which is relevant to me and which is good to know. I cam across two such news items recently which led me to some form filling and some position regularisation.

First off was an item about the US visa waiver programme. Apparently it will become a paid service. They call it an administrative fee, but hey, it is still a payment!  It is not much ($14), but as I might need to go to the US in the coming two years I thought “Why should I have to pay it?”. So I went along and applied for the visa waiver. I am happy (and relieved) to say that the waiver was authorised! It didn’t occur instantaneously as it does for others, but it did come through within less than 15mins, so I could stop worrying quite quickly.

Another news item regarded the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This got me on to looking further into the issue. It seems like as I am not a resident in Malta but am now living in the UK I should apply for a UK EHIC rather than rely on my Maltese one. So I got on to the issue and applied for one (and encouraged Michael to do the same ;)). So earlier this week we both got a brown envelope with our new EHIC cards in it.

Hope these two news items help you too! Maybe you are planning to go to the US so would like to beat the new fee (albeit small)? Or you are now resident in a different country so should apply for a different EHIC? And if you know of any other issues I should be considering, do let me know :).


  1. What is this about the EHIC?…so should I apply for an Irish EHIC the moment I arrive in Dublin?

  2. I’m not sure…but I think so! I am sure the Maltese one will still be valid (or I hope so), but it seems to be better to apply for one from where you are resident

  3. Thanks for sharing….will be looking into it in due time 🙂

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