Posted by: annmucc | August 22, 2010

Mina comes to Visit!

The last visitor planned up to now has now left. Mina was planning to visit her sister here in London, but to not end up not seeing her as happened when her sister visited, I ‘managed’ to wrangle a few days of her staying with us :).

She arrived in London at around 1am on Thursday morning. Unfortunately I overslept and we arrived about 15mins late to meet her at the bus stop. We eventually got there, and returned back home. I don’t think things got much better from then on in terms of my hosting!

During the week I of course need to go to uni as usual. So Thursday she went round London on her own and met up with her aunt. Friday then she went to watch the Rugby women’s world cup. Both days she entertained herself without me, with Saturday supposedly being my turn at proper hosting.

Hmm – did it work out? Well, I had not been feeling well for a couple of days, and Saturday was not much better. However we couldn’t stay at home! So we caught the tube replacement bus to Finchley road (it stopped there grrr!), then walked to Primrose Hill to see the view, kept on walking down to Regent’s Park, and walked along the canal to Camden Market – what has now become a typical Saturday when we have visitors.

We spent some time (and lost each other!) in Camden Market before we started making our way to Hampstead Heath. There was going to be a picnic later on by the westhampstead group. We were there early so we stopped at the Garden Gate for a pint and a few board games: first Frustration and then Trivial Pursuit (which we all did quite OK at surprisingly!).

On to the Whampgather IV! We arrived to find a small group, which slowly slowly started growing. Unfortunately with group size increase, there was a rain downfall increase. Evidently, it is not the best thing to be in when you’re sick! Mina was also not feeling too well (and we both thought it quite strange that there were these people picnicking in the rain, when they had a back-up plan of a pub which they didn’t use!

Anyways, Mina and I decided we should get home, and off we went. We were nearly home…when I remembered I had no key – IDIOT! Our flatmate did not hear us ring the bell, so we had to wait for Michael to come back with the key while we rested with a coffee.

So two very grumpy girls who were not feeling too well met Michael and the key, and we returned home were we lazed in front of the tv before going to sleep.

Mina was off this morning to her sister’s. Not sure it was her best few days ever…I did share everything I had though…especially germs :P.



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  2. I onlyread this now! how bad I am.

    it wasn’t that bad!! we played carcassone too 🙂

    haha thanks for letting me stay, your bed was more comfy than cris’ sofa

    it was well appreciated 🙂


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