Posted by: annmucc | September 5, 2010

A Brief Visit to Germany

When Michael and I were in Prague one of the friends we had made  was Dennis, a German guy on an internship in Prague. He had unwittingly ended up coming on one of our first dates, when we had visited Theresienstadt, but that didn’t seem to faze him and we’re still in contact.

On my way to London first time round Michael and I had also stayed with him and his girlfriend.

Around the turn of the new year Michael and I received a cute card with kid pictures from the two of them. It was an advance notice for their wedding at the end of August. Would we be able to attend? Both of us were quite up for it so we have been planning our summer holiday to include a brief trip to Germany for the wedding.

We landed in Bremen Thursday night. It was late so we didn’t get up to much more than a short walk around the area we were staying. Friday morning, as it was raining, we decided to opt for a visit to Universum (read the post about that on my research blog) rather than trekking around the city which we had already seen on an earlier fleeting visit. Too soon however we had to get back to the train station to be off to Braunschweig, where the wedding was to be held.

We were to stay at Dennis’s parents’ house, so we were picked up by his sister’s boyfriend to be dropped off (Dennis was busy as the civil wedding was that morning). After some good cake and relaxing Dennis came over with his best man to take us on a jaunt around town. Unfortunately it was raining (still!) so most of the sightseeing was done in a shopping mall :D. As the rain started abating we made our way to a wine festival going on, before moving on to a bar for some more drinks. Last stop was then home to sleep.

Saturday was then the big day! As we had forgotten about getting a card, we decided to take Dennis’s dog, Nessie, for a walk to Querum to buy one. Back home we then helped in making the place markers for the dinner that night.

It was then time for the wedding! I had a great time, but I hope to write more about it later. It was different to a Maltese wedding, so I think it deserves its own post.

Michael and I had to leave Braunschweig early on Sunday morning. So after trying to move quietly around the house not to wake up all the sleeping people we were off. Our next destination was Denmark!



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