Posted by: annmucc | September 8, 2010

Family Visit: Southern Jutland (Denmark)

So far my ‘in-laws’ have visited Malta. However, my family has not returned the visit. We have been trying to organise such a visit as they have all been quite eager for it, and finally we managed to organise a trip to get my mum and sister over to Denmark.

They landed at Billund airport on Monday morning. From there we went to Odder to visit Michael’s sister who has just had baby Mai a few weeks ago. Michael had been quite eager to see her, so we made sure to organise the visit. At his sister’s house my family was introduced to the ‘Danish way of having lunch’ i.e. open sandwiches. I think they did quite well, and my sister even ate the herring she was offered even though she doesn’t like fish! Go Cecilia 😉

One of the requests I got from my family was that they would like to see nature and animals they don’t normally see. So we went to Marselisborg animal park where we got to feed some deer. After feeding the greedy deer 2kg of carrots we then returned Magnus home (he commented to Michael that we never stop talking – LOL!), and went to Michael parent’s house for dinner: Frikadeller with potatoes and brown sauce – mmmm!

Next day started with more animals, this time slightly tamer: cows! Michael’s dad had organised a visit to a nearby cow farm, where we got to see an artificial inseminator checking for pregnant cows, a milking robot, and got suckled by days old cows. Cute! There were also three days old kittens tottering about and coming for cuddles…Double cute!

From the farm we then went round southern Jutland, from the dam in Hojer, to Det Gamle Apotek in Tonder, Schakenborg Castle in Mogeltonder, and the beach in Romo. We finished the day in Ribe, where we had dinner in a restaurant in a wonky house and then went on the Night watchman’s tour (which I had been on previously).

Their last day in Southern Jutland started with some more nature: a walk in the forests near Haderslev. From there we went on to Haderslev itself, where we visited the cathedral and the Archaeological Museum.

The archaeological museum was an interesting experience. I liked it over all, but unfortunately there was no consistency between translating into English or not, which made it hard to follow.  The most interesting part of the museum was definitely the houses they have outside the museum. This seems to be a smaller version of Den Gamle By we went to on a previous visit. The place was much less crowded than Den Gamle By (we were practically the only people there) which made it a bit easier to experience the place.

We were then sent off on our way with a good piece of gammon steak. Next stop…Copenhagen!

BTW: You can read more about all of this on my sister’s blog:

Day 1

Day 2


Map of the trip



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