Posted by: annmucc | September 11, 2010

Copenhagen…Highlights and Low(er) Lights

I have posted about my family visiting southern Jutland, and also about Michael and me spending the day in Malmo the day after they left. However, I haven’t mentioned the time in between: 3 days in Copenhagen.

We arrived in Copenhagen Wednesday night and my mum and sister left Saturday afternoon. Although I have been to Denmark quite a number of times, I had only previously visited Copenhagen once, for less than 48hrs – in the rain! So it was my first time seeing most of the sites as well. Luckily the weather was nice and bright, which made the place look great. Of course, not all sights and activities impressed as much as others.

Probably the highlight of my time in Copenhagen was the canal tour. When Michael had originally mentioned that we have to go on this tour I was quite apprehensive. I thought it would be very expensive. I was wrong! I think for the price we paid (30DKK, £3) it was more than worth it. We spent an hour being taken around the canals, being shown the sights, and talked through their relevance. Even more impressive to me was that the tour was equally in English as in Danish. Often in Denmark you get a long spiel in Danish and a one-liner in English. Definitely not comparable!

We also visited a number of museums. First up was the National Museum of Denmark. We saw the early Danish history exhibit on the ground floor, before going on a tour of the ‘Stories of Denmark‘ exhibit on recent history on the top floor. Both were very interesting, though the tour guide saying contraction rather than contradictions did elicit quite a number of smiles from us :).

Another part of the National Museum we visited was the ‘Danish resistance‘ museum. Unfortunately we only had around 20mins to go round it before me made our way to see the changing of the guards in front of Amalienborg Palace.

Following the changing of the guards we had then made our way to Rosenborg Castle. As soon as I had told Michael that my mum wants to see a castle he immediately suggested this one. Unfortunately we weren’t as impressed! The displays only had a number and you were expected to walk around with a paper figuring out what was what (and the paper still only had very limited information). It was not the best set-out display I have seen and came out of the castle feeling a bit disappointed.

It was good then that from there we made our way to the Museum of Copenhagen! Though small, and the first part was closed, it was very well set out and explained. We visited on Friday, so we had free entrance. However I would not have been disappointed had i paid the 20DKK (around £2.25) normally set as the fee.

We didn’t just visit museums though!

Before visiting museums on Friday we first of all went to the Round Tower. This tower is (or at least used to be) one of the highest places in Copenhagen, and you still get very good views around the city.

Michael has also been mentioning Tivoli regularly, so being in Copenhagen and it being open we had to go in! Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. As Michael had a meeting to go to we went there alone. It seems though that we are not the best amusement park visitors ever! We went around and were quite nonplussed. When Michael arrived he was quite appalled at us and took us round again, making us try a game, and enjoy it more. We also watched Big Fat Snake in concert, and though I had never heard of them (sorry Danes!) I liked them. The ambience was good, the music was decent, and the words were clear. Even I could understand exactly what they were singing – not an easy feat for an open-air concert!

Other than that we mainly just walked around and absorbed the Copenhagen air. The blue skies definitely did their part in showing Copenhagen in the best light, and Michael did his in showing us the sights. Would I go back again? Definitely! There is still so much to see :).


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