Posted by: annmucc | September 12, 2010

Malta Day – UK

For the last 10 years the Maltese Culture Movement has been organising a Malta Day here in London sometime in September. I haven’t made it there so far as last year I was away. But this year, not having anything else to do, I made the trek down to Westminster Cathedral Hall.

I arrive there and I must admit…it was very…Maltese! What does that mean? It was noisy, it was chatty, people like to crowd stuff…and even more so, it was very much about food! There was a band playing Maltese songs, a choir, and a guy dressed up as a knight.

Most of the people there definitely came there to get their hands on Maltese food stuffs, with people coming there with luggages to fill, and picnic coolers. Unfortunately I didn’t plan that much, and only had a backpack. So I only bought a dozen frozen pastizzi – looking forward to eating them! There was so much more though – ravjul, Kinnie, twistees, confectionery, bigilla, olives, kanolli etc – nomnom!

There was also stuff to buy and eat there. I opted for a Kinnie and a qassata. Unfortunately the qassata did not live up to my expectations – it was dry, and tasted strange. No idea how I can explain the strangness, but it taste a bit to me like it had almond powder, which we use for figolli in it. I didn’t even finish it – which is very strange for me!

Other than that, being surrounded by a whole bunch of Maltese people definitely put a smile on my face…as long as I could get away from them pretty soon when it got too much!

Would I go again? Definitely! And next time I will take a luggage and people to help me carry – MMMM!



  1. […] concert we all met at home where Michael and I cooked some pizza and the pastizzi I had bought at Malta day. […]

  2. Can’t believe I missed it! I was away travelling and hoped it would be in October. Not many Maltese in Brighton but enough to travel up for the next one!

  3. It was my first time there too, as I was always travelling on the day in previous years. It’s always around the weekend of the 12th of September though (I remember cos that is my birthday ;)).
    You should make it down if you can next year!

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