Posted by: annmucc | September 25, 2010

Hugh Hughes at the Barbican

Hugh Hughes is currently undertaking a residency at the Barbican, performing the trilogy The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes. Through Freeb we were lucky to get tickets to 360 so Thursday saw us making our way there after grabbing some dinner at Thai Thai on Old Street (absolutely loved the curry Michael had, other stuff was good but not mind-blowingly so).

As we entered the Pit, where the performance was to be held, Hugh Hughes was there to greet us, talk to us, and introduce us to the people next to us. This made us all feel relaxed and comfortable. After a while of joking, chatting and banter, he started on this journey of friendship, as he called it.

I didn’t know what to expect, but it did feel more homely than any other show I have been to probably. He spoke about his friend Gareth when he was young, and then about his friend Gareth a few years ago while climbing Mount Snowdon. I wouldn’t say it was the most enlightening thing ever, but I liked it…even though I am not much of a ‘theatre’ person in that I don’t normally get much out of drama.

This last fact was further confirmed by the end of the night. At the end of the show we were invited to participate in an open rehearsal for Hugh Hughes’ next show. Following the rehearsal we were then invited to give feedback. I was surprised with everything the other people were discussing – it just seemed to go totally over my head! No wonder I never get at much out of theatre as others do – I need to concentrate more and think more about what I am seeing rather than just take everything as entertainment at face value.

The verdict?

Hughe Hughes – good

Me? *must try harder*



  1. LOL…your report card is not looking too good Ann…baaaad Ann Bad Bad Ann

  2. (A)

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