Posted by: annmucc | September 27, 2010

Birthday Rushes

In May a new post-doc fellow joined our group at uni: Naomi Luxford. Besides being an excellent researcher, Naomi has another talent that would make her a fantastic addition to any group: she’s an excellent baker! We have already had numerous tastings of her cakes, including gingerbread men for my birthday, a triple panda cake for Eva’s birthday and ‘lab cake’ for an open day at our new labs. However, on Wednesday it is her birthday, and she went all out!

We were invited to her house on Saturday for a party at her house. After trekking for and hour and a half across north London, we arrived at her house and started getting comfortable with wine. Once all the people had arrived however, the main highlights of the night started arrived!

First up was the girdle buster pie. What is it? A caramelly, coffee ice-cream, biscuity concoction that will definitely do what it says on the label. MMM

However, the party was titled, ‘ice-cream sundae party’, so that was what we got! And in case you’re wondering – yes! she did make all the ice-cream flavours – all 11 of them! From the more usual strawberry and chocolate, to the not-as-common ginger and NY super fudge chocolate. My favourites were definitely the butter pecan nut, ginger and banana ones…hmm, and also the NY super fudge chunk and maple walnut…and…uhh – all of them! I even liked the strawberry one!

One downside to the night? Unfortunately even though there was much more left, and I had much more space, all the ice-cream did it’s magic, and it was ‘sugar rush time’. Was it worth it? Definitely! Even the agitated feeling I got from it!

Absolutely delicious! When’s the next party Naomi?


  1. Oh my oh my! Heaven! I wish my friends made ice cream too ^^

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