Posted by: annmucc | October 3, 2010

Harvest Festival in Queen’s Park

Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn (TTK2K)* is a community organisation whose aim is “to empower our community to start thinking positively and creatively about the twin challenges that face us: peak oil, and climate change”. It is part of a network of Transition towns popping up all over the UK and further away in Europe.

So far our involvement with the organisation has been through cycletastic which is related to the organisation. Through cycletastic we learnt that yesterday TTK2K were organising a ‘Harvest Festival‘ at Salusbury Primary School (same location of the Sunday Farmer’s Market). At the Harvest festival there was all sorts of things planned, from jam-making to apple pressing, and item swaps. It sounded like a good way of spending a Saturday afternoon so off we went!

As soon as we entered we were roped in for pear and lemon jam making. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any of it as we left before it was finished! I also got to make some hedgehog bread – mmm – delicious! Other things we got to taste were some of the home-made cakes on sale (at 50p a piece definitely worth it!) and the freshly pressed apple juice. Never had it before and it was really really good!

We were well entertained there for around 2hrs, and could easily have stayed there longer. I think it’s a great organisation for getting a community to work together (even if most of the people there did sound quite well-off – not sure if that’s the result of the organisation, or a cause of the area it covers!). Maybe I should see what I can get involved with – fruit picking maybe?

*No! They don’t plan to change the name of Kensal to Kilburn as I thought!


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