Posted by: annmucc | October 4, 2010

Just the Tonic – Leicester Square Theatre

Just the Tonic is a comedy club which performs at Leicester Square Theatre every Friday and Saturday. We got tickets for Saturday night’s show, which saw us trudging through rain to get to the theatre at around 9pm!

The format of the show is one where there is a compère for the night, in this case Danny McLoughlin. He easily kept the night going along, with his jokes, particularly those involving audience interaction (Don’t be too touchy if you sit in the first few rows!). Besides him, there were also 3 other acts to keep us all going.

First up was ventriloquist Nina Conti, with her grandma and her monkey. This was my first experience of a ventriloquist and I must admit she was really – really – good! I tried to see her mouth move, but couldn’t make any movement out at all! Even more brilliantly is the way she interacts with her puppets, reacting to their comments in a very realistic manner even if she has to do both parts of the story. The fact that she can make fun of herself, particularly through her monkey, is another brilliant twist. She is definitely not trying to deceive you but managing successfully to entertain.

The second act up was Stephen Amos (I think?). It seems like there was a last-minute change in programme, and the guy who is listed as playing was changed to one who was only notified at the last minute. He definitely did not sound as tight as the others, but you could still see his experience as a comedian as he pulled out jokes from what is probably a vast repertoire.

The last act of the night, following a short break, was Hal Cruttenden. He played a lot on his campness – but made sure we didn’t confuse that with being gay! He also had quite a lot to say about the Northern Irish – his wife is from there. Luckily the Northern Irish in the audience didn’t take much offense at that!

This night was probably the comedy event I enjoyed and laughed heartily at the most from the few I have attended. So glad I made it down there (and back!) in the rain (Piccadilly tube station was closed due to a power failure so ended up having to walk to Oxford Street!). A big thank you to seefilmfirst!

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