Posted by: annmucc | October 9, 2010

Getting into the October Blogger’s Groove

I have now been attending London blogger’s meetup for over a year and half. This meetup was one of the first events to start getting me out and about in London once I decided I needed to do something about enjoying more of London. Back then it was a good way of meeting people, as the event is always centred around meeting other London bloggers, having a drink, and learning something new in the field of blogging and social media.

Tuesday was the turn of the October edition of this event, October groove. The sponsor this time was, a video-streaming company which also pays dividends to the artists themselves when people stream their video. As always, drinks were aplenty, and the small basement of Red in Soho was soon chock-a-block with people!

The main feature of the event was an interview of the founder by ‘news editor and music junkie’ of Wired. Interesting discussion, even though I don’t watch much music videos (have no sound on my uni computer, and at home am normally watching tv as background sound).

The highlight of the evening for me was the drawing of the prize winners. kindly offered two concert tickets to one of the people who suggested videos for streaming during the event. I had suggested Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, my all-time favourite song, and was hoping it would be me (yes, I’m greedy :P).

The first name was drawn – not there. The second? The same – not there. Some 6-7 names were drawn, all with the same result. Then a name was drawn, and Andy, the organiser said: I am sure this person is here – eighth time lucky. The name? Me!!! Weeee!

Now the problem is choosing what tickets to get. So far the choice is between Lisa Ekdahl and Apocalyptica (though something at the Royal Albert Hall ahs also been thought about, but those tickets get sold out pretty quickly). What do you think? Any suggestions?

Thanks, and Andy for organising yet another successful event :).


  1. Can we go when I come visit?…who wants Michael šŸ˜›

  2. Hehe – if you find something we can think about it šŸ˜›

  3. EURYTHMICS!!! coincidence, haven’t checked out your blog in a while, have been listening to annie lennox and the eurythmics all week because of a presentation i had to give in a sociology class about one of her songs [sisters are doing it for themselves] and I visit your blog today! 2.5 hours after my presentation and I find eurythmics! XD
    how exciting

  4. Hehe – and how did Eurythmics come into the picture?
    I like their songs I must admit :D:D

  5. […] how had I guessed? Well, remember that I won tickets to a concert at the last London bloggers meetup courtesy of Well, having won after […]

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