Posted by: annmucc | October 17, 2010


vShopping and I are not normally best of buddies at the best of times! It seems like that is all I did this weekend though!

The IKEA Experience

First up was IKEA yesterday morning. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘IKEA experience’. However, we wanted some new sheets and other bits and bobs so IKEA it was!

What I particularly hate about the ‘IKEA experience’ is that you have to walk through all the showrooms before you can get to do what you really go there to do: grab the items you want! Knowing this, I thought I’d go prepared with a list of items we wanted. Did this help? Not really! Michael seems to enjoy the ambling part of the store, so regardless of how much I whined and moaned, we ambled our way slowly through the showroom at a happy-Michael pace.

Once this was over, and we got to the store floor, it was happy-Ann time! I enjoy this part as I can compare the different options for the same items easily, grab what I want and move on. There was also no queue at check-out! How great is that?

Market-ting a la Francaise

Every year (or so?) a French market arrives in Willesden Green. Posters are set up around the area, and you really get the idea it could be quite interesting. We hadn’t made it yet, so when we saw the posters up for this weekend we decided to pop over there at some point. After the IKEA experience and getting back home we were quite tired, but after a short rest we were famished! And where better to get food than from a French market…or so we thought!

We arrived at the market and it was quite small. Even more disappointingly was the fact that quite a number of stalls were selling things which, though might have come from France, did not have anything particularly French, such as shoes, or music CDs. Food was also quite lacking. So two ravenous people had to make there way elsewhere to find some food for their grumbling stomachs :).

Going North

Though Saturday was quite shopping-intensive, Sunday was not spared from this activity!

Further north to where we live is Brent Cross shopping centre. We haven’t been as yet, except to catch the bus to and from Luton airport from there. However, Michael suggested we pop over there as he wanted to buy some new clothes. “Sure”, I said, and off we went!

First stop was in TopMan, where Michael found a pair of jeans he liked so efficiently that he decided to look for another (smarter) pair of trousers! Epitome of efficiency I tell you! Having quickly found what we wanted we then ambled our way through the shops. It wasn’t a very successful shopping trip for me (as always), but Michael managed to find a sweater he liked too, so he was quite happy.

Soon enough I reached the my shopping threshold limit. For a shopping-incompetent person though I think it was a very good weekend – don’t you?


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