Posted by: annmucc | October 22, 2010

We Got Visitors

Remember Dennis and Jenny? We went to their wedding in Braunschweig in August. Well, our visit had been completed successfully so it was now the turn to come visit!

They arrived in London on Monday, where after being greeted by Michael they made their way in to town. I met up with them at Covent Garden, from where I guided them to the British Museum for a look-around the Egyptian and Asian galleries. Jenny and I soon had our fair share of museum-stuff, so we made our way outside for a chat. When the guys were done they then came out to join us.

Wedding Prize at a London pub

In the post ‘A German Wedding‘ I had written about some of the games played during the wedding, and more specifically the dart game. What I hadn’t written though was that our option got hit in the ‘we pay for the couple’ set of activities. Our offering was a real pub meal in London!

Our choice of a pub fell on ‘The Warwick Castle‘, which we had spied on our walk around the area some weeks back. That day we had peeked inside and liked what we saw so we decided to take them there. I was definitely not disappointed! The staff was friendly, food (chicken and smoked bacon pies for Dennis and I, burgers for Michael and Jenny) was delicious, desserts (spotted dick and lime and lemon meringue) were divine…and we also had a roaring(?) wood fire going! This was our first visit but definitely not our last (if I have anything to do with it!).

Exotic Food in the Depths of Cricklewood

Tuesday Michael went with them to the Tower of London. I of course had to go to uni, so I just met them for a bit of shopping on Oxford street at the end of the day, before we made our way to dinner.

Now, it seems like Dennis and Jenny asked to be taken for some exotic food, and Michael suggested an African place in Cricklewood, near where we live. As always, I was not very happy with being adventurous in food, but seeing as I was severely outnumbered I decided to grin and bear it as much as I could.

We arrived at Dden Exotic African Restaurant and as we entered we seemed like we were interrupting the people there. Were we early? It was around 6:30pm, so we guessed not! After a while they gave us some attention and a very friendly waitress came over with menus. After a while she returned and offered to explain the menus to us and give us some suggestions – phew! Our choice fell on eba, a spinach stew with goat for Michael and I, and mashed yam, an okra stew, with chicken for Dennis and Jenny (though we did end up sharing quite a bit).

What did I think of the experience? I think it helped solidify my reluctance to going for anything I don’t know. Let’s just say I was very glad we had toast at home! Jenny too didn’t seem too impressed, though the guys did admittedly finish off everything! Would I go again? Definitely not! The food to me was a gloopy mess which tasted distinctly sour. Will Michael go? Maybe…definitely not with me in tow though!

Pizza, Pastizzi…and Annie Lennox

Wednesday was their last day in London and they spent it on a visit to a Hindu temple in Neasden, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. As usual, I left for uni and got on the bus. Halfway through the trip though Michael called me: “Guess what I have tickets for?” Hmm…I thought. Then it hit me: “Annie Lennox”. “Yes” he said!

Now how had I guessed? Well, remember that I won tickets to a concert at the last London bloggers meetup courtesy of Well, having won after suggesting a Eurythmics song I decided I should return a favour and check if they were playing in town. And Annie Lennox was! At a charity concert, Voicestorm, in aid of Body & Soul. Alas the concert coincided with Dennis and Jenny’s visit and we didn’t think it appropriate to abandon them, or stick them with an £80 bill for a concert they might not be too keen on. So I had to abandon the idea myself. However, in the morning Michael received an e-mail about the possibility of getting free tickets for the event – and he got four! So we could all go!

I’ll skip the concert in this post (which was AMAZING!). However, that was not all we did. Before the concert we all met at home where Michael and I cooked some pizza and the pastizzi I had bought at Malta day. Delicious!

Saying Our Goodbyes

The trip came to an end early (very early!) on Thursday morning. It was great to see them again…who knows when it will repeat itself?



  1. WOuld love to go to the Warwick Castle place…maybe when I come visit in a few weeks’ time…on a we pay for a beautiful visiting sister activity?

  2. Hehe – we can go…on a ‘I’m visiting my poor sister and think I should do something nice for her’ activity?

  3. […] this week’s earlier experience of eating African food at D’Den Exotic (summary: not good!) I was a bit concerned about Michael’s suggestion […]

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