Posted by: annmucc | October 23, 2010

X Burger House – Eating in Kilburn!

Following this week’s earlier experience of eating African food at D’Den Exotic (summary: not good!) I was a bit concerned about Michael’s suggestion of lunch today: Brazilian burgers in Kilburn at X Burger House. Unlike last time I decided to look it up before. Reviews sounded very positive, so I agreed to the idea.

Was I disappointed?

Definitely not!

The restaurant looks very good, especially considering the area it is located in. The staff? Very friendly! They greeted us with a smile as we entered and immediately got on with making us feel very comfortable. Admittedly we were the first customers to arrive, but so were we at D’Den Exotic, and the welcome couldn’t be more different! The good service continued throughout, and I really appreciated the courteous manner in which they treated what seemed like a regular customer/employee?/not sure!

But of course, a burger house is all about the burgers! Michael had the Classic X burger, while I had the Stilton one, and we shared a side of home-made chips. The chips also came with home-made mayonnaise, which, considering I normally never eat much mayo, I really liked. We opted for the smaller-size burgers, but they still were quite big (not sure how big the big ones are really – must be massive!). I also appreciated how moist the burger was.

All in all an extremely positive experience! Considering the place has only been open for two months, it’s definitely somewhere to keep an eye on. Reading reviews by other people online, it seems like others agree with me too!

Will we be back?


PS: We didn’t take any photos, but others have done a very good job of it! Read what London Eater said, and check out the photos!


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