Posted by: annmucc | October 25, 2010

Sex + Comedy = Misery?

One of the definite pluses of living in London is the amount of events, performances and what-not going on. Particularly in the last year, I have been trying to attend as varied a list of events as possible, savouring as much as I can from the London offerings. So when we received an e-mail about the show ‘A guide to sexual misery‘ we said “Why not?”

Our tickets were for the 7:30pm show yesterday night. We trekked down to Soho to the Arts Theatre, just off Leicester Square, grabbed our tickets (very lovely staff btw!). The tickets we had were very good, so I was quite pleased. We settled down, and the show started.

The show, by Wolfgang Weinberger (a sex therapist) revolves, as the title aptly indicates, around the issue of sexual misery. The first half of the show revolved around some ‘theoretical background’, and an introduction to the ‘humming technique’. What’s that? Well, rather than saying yes or no, you hum in response to an answer if you agree. Volume of hum = number of people who agree (or thereabouts). For the second half of the show we were then split into guy on the right and girls on the left, and we took the ‘humming technique’ further, using it to answer a series of questions that had been posted by the audience in the interval.

Unfortunately, ‘misery’ did not stop at the title. I found the show middling at best…though other people in the audience seemed to be roaring at points that I really didn’t think were all that hilarious! After a while the ‘humming technique’ gets a bit boring, particularly as the questions are not always the most interesting, and Weinberger often twisted the questions such that the answers were quite predictable. Also, often it felt like he was laughing forcedly, more because he felt like he should, rather than because he was truly amused. It felt a bit as though he has done the show so many times, that he was just going through the motions more than anything else.

Would I recommend it to others? If you find the issue so hilarious that you feel like you can laugh at anything that is said…sure! However, £15-25 is definitely dear for what you get!


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