Posted by: annmucc | October 30, 2010

Cult Movies, Churches & Whisky…Take 2

Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching our favourite cult films at spectacular screenings, staged to transport our members into the film’s universe.

Last year, following a tip-off from Ian Visits, we had managed to grab two tickets for Dracula at Union Chapel. This year, again on an Ian Visits suggestion, we opted for Quartermass and the Pit, again at Union Chapel. Unlike last year though, the friend who was supposed to come with us – Adrian – actually made it, together with his girlfriend, Joanne, who have both moved to London in September.

Entering the church we immediately went to find a place on the ground floor. However, I realised that we would end up looking up all film long, so I suggested to the others I go to look for a place upstairs. Finding a good spot, I called the others to the upstairs pews, opposite last year’s position. Michael was a bit grumpy about not being surrounded by the downstairs atmosphere, but having 3 happy Maltese people around, he decided it was for the best to stay upstairs :P.

As last year, we again had vouchers for free drinks and popcorn. The guys went off first, followed by us girls. Both Michael and I preferred the Jameson and ginger cocktail, made with ginger beer, best. Delicious! Popcorn unfortunately was of the sweet variety, so not my favourite. But hey! It was all free…so definitely not complaining! Again this year there were some actors going round, helping create some atmosphere, which I tend to like for some reason.

At 8pm on the dot the film started! The sound was not that great, such that we couldn’t understand quite a bit of the dialogue. Not sure if that is a problem with where we were sitting, but luckily the storyline was simple enough (even for me!) to follow even just by seeing the moving images and hearing small snippets of the dialogue. As I said last year, though I am not a big fan of scary movies, I did enjoy this one. I am amazed with how much they managed to do with the limited technology they had, compared to now. Also, I like the fact that the plot is easy to follow rather than there being a lot of things you need to keep track of (yes – I’m a very lazy film-viewer)

Following the film, there was more Jameson to be had before we made our way back home. I must admit I am growing to like these old cult movies! Would I go again? Definitely! When’s the next one please?




  1. Michael seems to have his head screwed on well..3 grumpy Maltese is not a good thing…and he was outnumbered…poor guy!

  2. (A) – yeps he was…poor him :-/

  3. […] Joanne and Adrian told me that they were going to Spitalfield’s market on Sunday, I immediately invited myself […]

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