Posted by: annmucc | November 8, 2010

Bonfire Night at Bletchley Park

I have been meaning to visit Bletchley park for quite a while now, ever since I heard Captain Jerry Roberts speak at UCL. I finally managed to get there on Saturday.

It wasn’t just the park itself which we got to see on Saturday though (you can read about that here). In the evening there was also fireworks as part of their Blitz night event celebrating Bonfire Night. So when the park closed at 4pm, we made our way to Bletchley itself to wait for the evening extravaganza to commence.

Bletchley was probably the low-point of the day! As a town it looked quite drab and unexciting to me. We had planned to find some food in town, but in fact skipped that part and grabbed something to eat later in the park itself. We managed to pass the time till we could return to the park with a visit to the Chequers pub (after a 30min walk away from the park itself). There where we stopped for a drink and to read the newspaper we had with us.

Back in the park, the place was very busy – over 8000 people apparently. There were many more people than I imagined there would! There was a good vibe about it too. By now though we were quite hungry. We tracked down the bbq stall (above)…make that queue!…to grab something to eat. The queue was one of the longest I have ever seen. Luckily the 30min it took to get to the front of it was passed chatting with the couple behind us. That was definitely a plus!

Food in hand we moved to the grassy patch (you can see the place earlier in the day above) where we found a good spot and settled down. For once being short didn’t matter much *yeay*.

The fireworks started bang on time. There was what seemed to be issues at points where gaps passed with music playing but no fireworks. However, they soon returned, and in time with music. So maybe I was expecting too much? The display of fireworks synchronised with music lasted for around 15 minutes. It definitely was worth the £3 entrance fee!

Knowing there was soon to be a train, as soon as the display finished, we rushed to the train station. We entered the station running around15s before the train should have left, still needing to find the platform. Luckily the train was delayed by a few minutes, so we calmly got to the platform, and were soon back on our way to London.

A great day out, and luckily the weather treated us well. Having crossed one thing of my list things I had in my mind to do, I have now decided to try to maintain a London to-do list. After all I might have less than a year in London left to go. I want to savour every last thing I can from it in this time!


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