Posted by: annmucc | November 17, 2010

Visit to Spitalfields Market

When Joanne and Adrian told me that they were going to Spitalfield’s market on Sunday, I immediately invited myself and Michael to go with them. I have heard of the market before but have never been. When I recently drew up my London to-do list it was one of the items there, so I was happy to start making progress on that list.

The market is more of a clothes/arts and crafts market, with a food section. I wasn’t particularly impressed at first. However, after lunch, we managed to stumble across the actual market (before we were just going round some other stalls it seems). I did like the real one though!

I wouldn’t say it is a place which should be at the top of someone’s to-do list if they are visiting for a few days only. however, otherwise, it is definitely something which you should visit. As it seems many other people did last Sunday. You might also meet someone you know! Or in my case…someone who knew my sister! Was quite confused when he came up to me all excited…happy we managed to sort out the problem quickly enough.



  1. […] I am always looking for victims to accompany me on my mission to cross things off on my to-do list. I currently have a very willing victim in the form of Dorothy Gauci, a friend of mine from my secondary school days who is in London for 5 weeks as part of her masters course. As the weather was decent enough today, we went to the East end markets i.e. Petticoat Lane market, Brick Lane market, and Columbia Road Flower Market (with a short detour through Spitalfields market). […]

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