Posted by: annmucc | December 4, 2010

Ten Days in Malta

Malta in summer is not my favourite time: too hot and too many tourists. So I happily skipped a summer trip there, particularly as I got to meet most of my family in Denmark in August/September anyways. However, some appointments I had to attend in Malta had been calling for quite a while. As we won’t be going down for Christmas (and everything would be closed then anyways), and as my sister was graduating then, we decided to coordinate everything and go down in November.

As with all trips to Malta, it was a relaxing time, with lots of food. We also got to enjoy the relaxed Gozitan life. Michael had won a two-night stay at the Kempsinki Hotel San Lawrenz in Gozo. So all the family went up for the weekend, with Michael and I staying at the hotel and the rest at my aunt’s place (no – it’s too expensive ;)). Michael and I enjoyed days out with the others, to Victoria and Dahlet Qorrot, as well as the pool and other relaxation possibilities at the hotel.

As we had food included, the rest all joined us for dinner on Saturday, and the two of us enjoyed dinner on Sunday together delicious! We also got to have breakfast on the sunny terrace every morning with gorgeous views over the surrounding countryside.

Back in Malta most of the days were filled with appointments: doctors, opticians and hairdressers and what not. I did get to meet a couple of my friends too though: Alison on the first Friday, Marilyn on Tuesday, and quite a number at the Biology symposium my sister was presenting at, and at her graduation. We also visited the Aviation Museum (great place with great volunteers! – must visit!) and attended a lecture by the Malta Historical Society.

A busy time but great nonetheless. Looking forward to visiting my sister in January and my brother in March – though those will be short weekend trips. My mum should also come to visit in January/February, and the whole family should be going on a road trip around Ireland over Easter. This means that even though I have no Malta-trips planned for the next year yet (except next Christmas!), I will still get to see them all in the New Year – *yeay*.



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