Posted by: annmucc | December 11, 2010

Soane Museum by Candlelight

Sir John Soane‘s Museum houses the collections of Sir John Soane, an English architect of the 18th/19th century. It is a very popular museum, with long queues building up as not many people can enter at the same time. Every first Tuesday of the month they have evening candlelight openings which are probably the most popular of all.

Attending one of these nights has been on my to-do list for a while, so as we were free this Tuesday I managed to convince Michael to brave the cold cold weather. We got there an hour early to get in the queue. As the website suggested, the queue was already building up at 6pm. Considering we were around 45th in the queue, and only 60 can enter at any one time, it was a very wise place to be in.

In the cold the time passed quite slowly. However, 6pm at last arrived. Unfortunately they do not let the first 60 to go in at one go, but people are let in in small groups of twos and threes to manage the crowds. This meant that it took around another 20mins to finally get in.

The museum is eclectic, if somewhat bizarre. Sir John Soane used his house to experiment with a variety of architectural ideas and styles, and as a place to display the various objects he collected, including a sarcophagus which was deemed too expensive for the British Museum. This makes for a very surreal experience.

I would describe the museum as an experience. It is nothing like what I was expecting, especially considering as I didn’t do much research either. This however meant that I might not have gotten all I could out of the visit as explanations of the place are quite lacking. There was however a new exhibition space where they detailed how they will be developing the new space they have acquired.

Glad I can finally cross this off my to-do list. Was the wait in the cold cold weather worth it? Not sure…if you haven’t done your research about the place before! I did figure out that you can download audio tours about the museum for free from their website…so maybe I should have been a bit more organised!



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