Posted by: annmucc | December 23, 2010

Christmas 2010: Christmas Tree Day

The first (and only) Christmas I have spent in Denmark so far was in 2008, when I had arrived on the 24th itself. This meant that I didn’t get to experience much of any Christmas preparations. As the original plan this year was to arrive in Denmark quite a few days before Christmas, I had big plans of all that I could do. Way way at the top of my list was Christmas tree shopping!

In Malta I have never heard of a Christmas tree farm where you can get real Christmas trees. You normally have a plastic Christmas tree which you resurrect each year. In our family this is quite a puny tree. So of course, the idea of choosing AND chopping down your own tree definitely appealed to me.

As we got to Denmark late I was quite sure I would have to wait another two years (when we should return to Denmark for Christmas) at least to do that. However, as we were driving home early this morning and nearing home, Michael’s dad told us: We have to wake up early, to go choose the Christmas tree! I definitely perked up as I didn’t think they would have waited for me.

So this morning, after finishing off Christmas shopping, off we went to the Christmas tree farm. The rule for choosing the Christmas tree was that it should be slightly taller than Michael’s dad and have a nice cone shape. We didn’t find one to my satisfaction (but hey – I’ve mainly seen Christmas trees in films, so my expectations were probably far off from realistic), but we found a very good one :). We shook a good deal of the snow off from its branches and set down to chopping it down.

I am sure that Michael’s dad thought that he would get it done so we could get out of the cold. But no! That wasn’t my plan ;). I had the saw so I was going to get it down! It took me a bit longer than Michael and his dad’s tolerance levels. But hey! We now have a Christmas tree upstairs!

Since chopping it down this morning we left it to drip dry in the entrance, then we put it in place and decorated it. We also wrapped the presents we got with us and put them underneath all ready for tomorrow.

A great day so far…I also got to scrape ice off their cars windscreen (I know – not the most exciting, but I have never done it! have been eyeing all the icy cars in our road for days now!), and make the centrepiece for the Christmas dinner table.

We also got to eat Risengrød (rice pudding thingy with cinnamon and butter) for dinner, and æbleskiver and glogg for evening coffee. Nomnom!


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